Australia is All-Pet Travel’s number one destination. Our All-Pet travel specialist can guide you through Australia’s strict import pet regulations that includes a minimum 10-day quarantine, microchipping, vaccinations, lab tests, parasite treatment, permits and more – all within a specified timeframe. We recommend 8 months to plan and to get your pet ready. Good news: your pet’s Australia to U.S. travel will be easier; an All-Pet travel plan will help to ensure your pet meets individual airline guidelines and specific health and entry requirements.

Travel must originate or end in U.S.

New Zealand

All-Pet Travel recommends 7 months to plan a U.S.-New Zealand pet move. We’ll customize your pet’s travel, research and book flights, ensure your pet (and breed) are eligible for entry, book an approved quarantine facility and coordinate the proper health and import documents.  

Travel must originate or end in U.S.


Hawaii is a beautiful place and the only state in the nation that is rabies-free. That goal to remaining rabies-free is central to Hawaii’s stringent requirements for OIE-FAVN rabies blood testing from a certified laboratory, a 30-day waiting period, fees and proper health documents. Our All-Pet Travel agent can help your pet to meet guidelines for a “Direct Airport Release” or a “5 Day-or-Less Program” versus a full 30-day quarantine.

Travel must originate or end in U.S.

United States

Our All-Pet Travel agent will research and book travel arrangements for your pet throughout the domestic U.S. (Hawaii is unique and has special pet travel guidelines. See Destinations/Hawaii about our service!)  We can provide door-to-door service: pick-up and drop-off, pet travel by car, overnight stays at pet-friendly hotels and flight arrangements. All-Pet Travel ensures your pet’s travel and health certificates meet the requirements established by the United States Department of Agriculture, the Transportation Security Administration and individual air carriers.  Please allow All-Pet Travel a minimum of 24 hours make domestic U.S. travel plans.