How it Works 6 Steps

We customized domestic U.S. and international plans for dogs, cats, exotic birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and more (humans and livestock excluded). All pet travel must begin or end in the United States.


Step 1: Contact Us


Within 2 business days, you’ll receive a free estimate that itemizes your pet’s travel.

Step 2: Review Your Free Estimate 


Commit to your pet’s plan, make
a 20% deposit and our APT travel agent starts detailed research, planning & document prep. 

Step 3: Say “Yes” to All-Pet Travel


You’ll receive a customized pet travel plan that meets airline & destination requirements and ensures safe travel. We will also work with customs, and veterinarians and labs for the proper permits, tests, and health certificates. (Improper documents can mean denied entry or a longer quarantine.) Our travel consultant will also coach you on getting your pet ready for travel – and that crate or kennel.

Step 4: Receive Your Pet’s Plan & Documents


We monitor your pet’s progress each step of the journey and stand ready with a Plan B if there are surprise travel delays. We check-in with our trusted contacts to make sure your pet is safe & healthy.  And, our APT travel consultant is available via phone, email or text. 

Step 5: Travel Day Support


Our All-Pet Travel agent will contact you to get feedback and to finalize arrangements.

Step 6: Home & Happy!