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Travel Postcards

Dear All Pet Travel,

Zombie arrived right on time and in excellent condition. He feels right at home already. Thanks for such a great trip for him. He didn't even cry on the way home in the car . Way to go Zombie!

Zombie, Cherry, Lance
New York to South Dakota

Dear All Pet Travel,

"Sundog" (my Papillon puppy) and I arrived in Wichita Friday and picked up our precious feline friends, Squirrel, Tsagi and Velvet. I am sure they had a long day, and it was another 3 hours back to Dodge City, but we all arrived home about 1 a.m. in good spirits, safe and sound.

I was a little tired on the drive out, but being reunited with my babies gave me a real boost and the drive home was a joy. They are all three so happy to be back with me, and just want to be cuddled and held. And I am so happy to have them here.

Thank you so much for your help in getting them home. I feel that I am getting my family back together..

Nancy, Squirrel, Tsagi,
Velvet California to Kansas