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How Much Does it Cost?

There are many elements that determine the final cost of your pet’s relocation. Aside from our professional fee, which covers the planning and coordinating logistics of the relocation, other common expenditures that may be incurred during the relocation process are the following:


  •    Pet’s Flight Cost
  •    Delivery of paperwork
  •    Boarding
  •    Veterinarian expenses
  •    Travel Carriers
  •    Ground Transport
  •    Quarantine
  •    Special Request


Our Professional fee covers your pet’s customized APT Passport that includes:


  •    An estimate of costs for your pet’s relocation
  •    The most direct flight route available for your pet’s travel
  •    Logistics coordination for your pet’s journey from beginning to their destination
  •    Your pet’s flight reservation and itinerary
  •    Assurance of compliance with Transportation Security Administration regulations for pet transport
  •    Assurance of compliance with the Animal Welfare Act regulations for pet transport
  •    Information needed in order to ship your pet internationally including quarantines, documentation, etc.
  •    Travel Checklist that assist you on preparing your pet for a worry-free trip
  •    Access to our Customer login area where you will find detailed personalized information on your pet’s travel.


Please remember that our fee does not include the cost of your pet’s transportation ticket nor other expenses that may be incurred in order to have your pet arrive safe and sound to their final destination.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations occurring 24 hours after you have enlisted our services will be charged the professional consultation base fee.The best consultation fee can then be used within six month period should extenuating circumstances unexpectedly prevent your pet’s move.