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Frequently Asked Pet Transport Questions

Can I move my pet myself?

Yes, you can. Domestic travel is easier than international travel arrangements. Please know that using a professional pet relocation agent is not the least expensive way to ship your pets but it can be invaluable. A relocation specialist can assist you with logistics and put your mind at ease. International travel arrangements can sometimes be difficult and be aware that even a simple mistake can hold your pet in quarantine longer than needed.


Does your fee include the price of my pet’s airline ticket?

No. Our professional fee includes our expertise in assisting you ship your pet to its new location. We assist you with the planning, flight research, booking and tracking, logistic coordination and preparing your pet for its journey.


What kind of other fees can be incurred?

Aside from our professional fee of $250 for domestic relocations and $350 for international relocations the fees that may be incurred are the


  •    Pet’s flight
  •    Other agents that assist in the move,
  •    Fees imposed by government agencies,
  •    Special government endorsements
  •    Fees for health certificate, vaccinations or other veterinary work
  •    Charges for documentation delivery
  •    Boarding your pet or quarantine charges


Please complete our planning form for an estimate. Remember that actual fees may vary due to changes in pet shipping plans and services not originally requested. Charges will be reviewed with you prior to shipping so that you may know exactly your final cost.


How do I get a quote?

The quickest way to get a quote is for you to fill out our on-line planning form. Airline shipping charges are based on the dimensions of the crate, your pet’s weight and destination. The more thorough information we have, the more accurate your quote will be.


Can I rent a Shipping crate?

No. Travel carriers are relatively inexpensive and the shipping and handling of getting the carrier back and forth outweighs the value of the kennel. Crates can be purchased at a local pet store or we can supply one for you.


Does your fee include transportation to and from the airport?

No. It is difficult to standardize a price for transportation since there are many variables involved. Please contact us for a detailed transportation quote.


Why use All Pet Travel?

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What is a Known Shipper?

Due to new security regulations implemented by the TSA to ensure that risks from cargo are mitigated; they now require that cargo on passenger planes is sent from “known shippers.” All-Pet Travel is a known shipper as well as a registered Independent Air Carrier (IAC).

Due to these new regulations, it may mean that if you want to ship your pet as a cargo on a passenger flight, you will more than likely need to contact a professional pet shipper. This may be an inconvenience to you but it will mean a safer, more secure trip for your pet.


What size of Crate do I Need?

The Animal Welfare Act states that your pet be able to sit, stand and turn-around in its crate without restriction. All-Pet Travel can assist you with choosing the appropriate size crate for your pet’s travel. We can also assist you with acclimating your pet to its carrier to ensure he is well adjusted and comfortable during his journey.